Early 2022 Tour News

FInish that tune-up & get ready to tour!

2022 is looking better for touring than early 2021 did. We have several tours to announce. You can check the latest status on tours and other events on our Current Events page anytime.

The CanAm Tour looks like it will finally be possible this year. The Slees have been patiently waiting to host this since 2020, and thankfully remain committed to doing so. The event flyer is available here. Reserve May 27-30 on your calendar and plan to tour the St. Thomas area with us.

Len Rolls' granddaughter, Ashley Creed, and her partner will be hosting a Memorial Tour in the Meaford area on Jun 24-26. Please respond to her survey that was circulated via email. She has many ideas & options under consideration and wants our input!

We aren't  planning to hold a club tour in July. The MTFCI Tour is in Hamilton, OH this year on Jul 17-22.

For August, we need tour hosts! We know there is pent up demand. Everyone was so glad to finally get out touring again for the 2 tours last year. You can step up and be a hero this year! Contact tours@ontariomodelt.org to volunteer, or to get further information.

Garry Potter is planning a travelling tour to circle Lake Simcoe on Sep 23-25. On Friday night we'll stay at the Ramada Resort at Jackson's Point. Trailer parking is nearby. On Saturday night we'll stay at the Marriott in Orillia. Meals for Sat morning through Sunday lunch will be included in the registration. Further details will be announced later. Garry will need to get an indication of how many people plan to attend in order to get pricing for meals and rooms. You'll hear those details via email, so stay tuned!

We don't expect to pursue an October tour. Garry's tour is just before Hershey. The calendar would get pretty crowded during a part of the season which usually sees little participation. Last year's huge turnout was an exception. If you want to host a tour here though, just contact us. We're not in the business of turning away tour hosts!

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