Shedden 2015 pics

We had a great tour in Shedden! Our gratitude goes to the Slees for all their efforts on this tour. It was a lot of fun with a good turn out and lots of interesting roads and stops. The weatherman was really playing with us again. Saturday turned out to be a really nice day - and evening - despite the forecasts. On Sunday though, it started to rain just as we headed out in the morning and it really rained hard. The first stop was cut short by heavy rain and by the time we got to the second one we'd lost half the group - they turned back! I have to admit that I too wondered about the sanity of spending a day in pouring rain like that. However, it stopped raining by 10 am and it was a nice day after that, at least until we got back to camp and all packed up.

I finally bought a camera, so no dead battery excuses this tour. In fact, I was trying a lot of things with it so some photos may be a little more questionable than usual.

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