Peterborough 2021 tour pics

Wasn't it great to get back out touring again? I'm sorry I didn't get to visit with a lot of folks that came for Saturday only. As usual, I rolled out of bed at the last possible moment, and even though we left the campground about the same time as everyone else I found myself at the hind end of the tour all day long. There was apparently too much fun to be had out on the roads. More yard sales than I expected. One advantage of being last was having so many oil drippings at the corners where signage was... let's say inconclusive. That didn't help much at intersections where oil trails seemed to go in every possible direction! It was a fun tour. Thanks to Dale and Sandy for setting this up!

I canvassed for pictures for this gallery and got a great response. Apart from my own there are lots from George Graves, Mike Windsor, Mark Farrow, Jeff Carter, and Mark Schneider. I'd forgotten it rained on Friday afternoon until I saw Mark's picture of the ducks in the campground! Enjoy, and hope to see you at the next one.

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