Gravenhurst 2012 tour pics

It was an awesome tour around the Muskoka area. The weather provided some challenges but did not spoil our fun. Some rain here and there was one thing, but no one expected it to be quite that cold. Friday night was perfect for sitting at the fire, and then it rained all night while we slept leaving us with some swampy areas in the morning. Saturday night was pretty cold (and wet) for fireside chat. Ron's facility allowed us to socialize inside. One person took on the responsibility of using up the firewood and sat alone at the fire for some time. (See picture below.) By Sunday afternoon only one unlucky family's rig was left sitting in muck and needed some help to get rolling onto solid ground.

It was a great spot to host a tour and our hosts deserve a huge "thank you" for their efforts. We had a very good turnout with about 30 cars -- lots of regulars plus quite a few folks we don't get to see that often. The turnout was more than typical for September yet our hosts managed to get us all into the featured tour stops, such as the R.M.S. Segwun boat cruise. It was a fun time. Sadly, it was also our last tour for 2012.

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