Ta-da! A New Website

I've been making noises about building a new site for years. One stumbling block has always been how to bring over the accumulated history from the old site to the new one - not everything, but I use the event history and photo galleries occasionally to jog my memory. I hope others do as well. Enter the pandemic... a forced break of over one year in our activities. It's a perfect time for a clean break to a new, simpler site. There's no news yet for this new site, except this post itself, but I have loaded all the tour photo galleries and a list of the event history from the former site. I had to go through all the photos in the process and I quite enjoyed it, so I encourage you to look through the old photos sometime.

This site uses a blogging style. All items on the site will be blog posts, which can include photo galleries, of course. Maintaining this new site will be much easier for me and adding content is easier than before - as long as it's a blog post! As before, coming up with that content will remain the biggest challenge.

I wanted to use a simpler technology for our site that a non-techie could become proficient with in the event someone other than me takes this on. The old site used Drupal on a Linux Virtual Private Server. There's a lot involved in building such a server, and there's regular maintenance & monitoring required to ensure its ongoing operation. This new site is all static HTML5 so it is the simplest type to host. It can even be hosted in the cloud, referred to as "serverless". Both the appearance and content will be easier to manage. We'll even save some money on hosting. Win, win.