Albion 2014 tour pics

We had another great tour hosted by the Bakers. It's a really nice area to tour with lots of quality back roads to travel and many choices for the requisite daily ice cream stop. There was a surprise visit by Richard and Gwen Day, MTFCI members from Australia. They were in the midst of a long vacation, including several weeks in North America. By coincidence they were in Niagara Falls close to the time of our tour and were able to attend Friday evening and Saturday. It was a great opportunity to chat about our common interests. It was really nice to see them and we all wish them well on the remainder of their travels.

Meals were plentiful on this tour. Breakfast was prepared for us on two days: one at the Orleans Ford dealership and the other by flying enthusiasts at a small community airport. We toured Mac's Antique Auto Parts, picnicked along the Erie Canal, visited an active firehall with a collection of antique equipment, and toured an interesting sawmill - among other things. On one day many of the navigators switched cars throughout the day and we had a vote at dinner. Congratulations to Ryan Carter who was selected as the Best Navigator. To my surprise there was also a vote for Best Driver - and I won. I suppose if I'd known that vote was coming the result shouldn't have caught me by surprise, right? Hopefully the pics will give you an idea of the fun we had, although some of the best ones had to be withheld. Joe contributed a lot of the pictures - including most of the ones unfit for public viewing!

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