October tour announcement - updated

The Stapley Family will host a Travelling Tour in October from Campbellford to the Peterborough area from Friday the 14th through Sunday the 16th. The tour flyers have been distributed to those on the email list and mailed to the rest. If you're particularly anxious to get yours and haven't received it yet, just drop an email request to your webmaster or your newsletter editor. See you in October, and September too!

Michigan Jamboree 2011 report

Well, folks we were at it again, this time in Michigan, August 18th-21st, 2011. The Zimmer family, Jack, Jan, Mikey, Erika and Sarah together with Brian and Kelly Dowell invited the Ontario T’s to come and join them along with all of the chapters of Michigan to go touring for the annual Michigan Jamboree. What fun! Not only did we get to see our Ontario tourers but also many old and some new tourers from Michigan and surrounding states as well.

London 2011 tour report

Will it rain or won’t it rain?! That is always the question. Not that it ever seems to matter very much as we are always prepared for whatever may happen.

The June tour was held in London based out of Fanshawe Conservation Area on June 24-26, 2011 hosted by Doug and Johanne Lashbrook. While the weather seemed somewhat iffy, 24 cars (and their occupants) turned out to have a fun weekend of Model T’ing. The sites were cozy but that seems to make us just more chatty around the campfire.

Please phone to register for London Tour!

The labour dispute at Canada Post has interrupted the flow of tour registrations. The current registration count is 19 cars. Certainly a good size for a tour, but not quite what is typical for June so we're sure some were stuck in the mail system when it ground to a halt. Doug asks that you phone him at home to confirm your registration, or to make it if that's the case. Payment can be made on arrival, but he needs an accurate count to make all of the arrangements.

We're looking forward to a great tour and hope to see you there!

2011 CanAm Tour Report from Belleville, MI

The touring season has now officially begun with the CanAm this year hosted in Belleville, Michigan by the Casual T’s. Traditionally the tours in the U.S. are held on our Victoria Day weekend and when in Canada are held on the American Memorial Day weekend. This ensures that all participants have that “extra” travelling day. What a great idea!! About 30 cars were on tour this weekend.


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