Western NY 2012 tour report

August took us to New York to the Bakers’ homestead. Our first stop Saturday was a candy shop with a huge variety of candy. Some were even spotted having ice cream. We then toured along passing the infamous Attica Prison and on to the Hidden Valley Animal Adventure which was a 60 acre park with over 200 animals and 30 exotic species, all roaming about. We were taken on a one hour wagon ride through the park to see these many varieties of animals. Some even got mud splattered on them by the water buffalo who ventured out of their mud hole to beg for treats.

Gravenhurst tour registration

Registration information for the September 21-23 tour in the Gravenhurst area has been posted on this site for download. It was handed out at the Bakers' tour and will be mailed or emailed to club members imminently. You can also get yours here as a PDF document. The Rolls and Wrightmans have a nice weekend planned, including a steamship ride. Click on the September tour in the 2012 Events list to find the link to the downloadable PDF. See you there!

Kingston 2012 tour report

We had a great week-long tour of the Kingston area hosted by the Furlong and Stapley families. It was a real success thanks to our hosts and other volunteers, including those that helped plan the daily tours and those that helped with the campground events.

Fergus 2012 tour report

Our touring season continues with the June tour out of the Fergus area hosted by the Knowles family. Saturday’s tour took us to Alma and a tour of the Husky Farm Equipment facility. This company was started by Ray Grose who made a snowthrower for himself. A neighbour wanted to buy it and the business was born. They just celebrated 50 years in business. They also do laser cutting but the machine was just not co-operating for us to see it in action. We then went to Noonan’s Antiques and then on to Arthur for lunch.

2012 CanAm tour report from Minden, ON

This year’s CanAm was held in Minden hosted by the Muli family. It was well attended with 26 cars from Ontario Region and 6 cars from the Michigan/PA. It was great to see familiar faces and meet some new ones. Friday night, we got together at the Minden Fairgrounds where the campers were staying and had a wonderful evening catching up with old friends and meeting some new T'ers.

Fergus tour registration details

Registration information for the June 22-24 tour in the Fergus area has been mailed or emailed to club members now. You can also get yours here as a PDF document. The Knowles have been busy planning a nice weekend for us so let's get out and have some more fun. Download and print a copy of the registration form and mail your completed copy soon. Click on the Fergus link in the 2012 Events listing at the right side of this page, or click here. You'll find the registration form is downloadable there. We've been at this campground before.


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