2010 August Tour Report from Durham

We were happy to arrive at the Durham Conservation Area Campground about 5:30 p.m. Durham is south of Owen Sound, and a campfire in the evening gave everyone a chance to get reacquainted with old friends & make some new ones. It was nice to have Len and Marilyn Rolls out on their first tour. Our first stop on Saturday was a huge home building centre with the wood worker in mind. If you need tooling for any type of wood working that is the place to go, so all the men were in heaven.

2010 July Tour Report from Halifax

For our July tour we were invited to tour Nova Scotia based out of the campground and cabins at Hubbards; hosted by Bev McPhail and Jim Snair. We arrived on the Thursday afternoon, as well as several other members, the Stapleys were already there, with the rest of the members arriving from Friday to Sunday. There were 23 from Ontario, 2 from NB and 3 guests from NS. It was great to see new members from Ontario show up at this tour for their first time tour. The weather was excellent all week with very warm temperatures which Nova Scotians are really not used to.

2010 CanAm Tour Report from Guelph

The Ontario Chapter, with John & Linda Whiteside in charge, hosted this year's CanAm with the Casual T's in Guelph, Ontario on the glorious last weekend in May. The weather was most cooperative although there was more than one sunburn experienced. However, I did notice that there was a lot more sunscreen applied on Sunday! Lesson learned!! Naturally on Friday there was lots of fellowship around the campfire as everyone prepared for the first official tour of the season.

2010 Annual Meeting Report

Well folks here we go again. After a not too bad winter, we are again back in full swing again with our first tour already a wonderful memory. If you missed it, there is time to get your T in tip top shape for the coming tours of the year. It's still early in the season. Our Annual Meeting was held in Niagara Falls at the Sheraton hosted by the Carter family. The weather was superb for wandering the sights and it was great to see fellow members during the hospitality evening on Friday night following the long, dark winter.


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