Update Our Email Distribution List

Members should use this form to change any of their email choices. These determine what email you will receive from us and to what addresses it will be sent.

Club members can have one primary and one alternate email address in our membership database. We don't send out many emails, but if you want to be selective about what you receive, we maintain separate lists for distributing each of:

  • Newsletters (i.e., Commutator issues)
  • Tour information
  • Other club- and hobby-related announcements

Some of the things you can accomplish with the email changes form include:

  • Switch from receiving materials by postal mail to receiving by email, primarily for use by Ontario Region life members.
  • Notify us of a new primary email address whenever you start using a new email address.
  • Add an alternate email address to your membership record, or change your existing one, if you want club emails sent to two different email addresses.
  • Notify us of the types of email that you do not want to receive from the club by opting out of any of the three distribution lists above.

Click here to access our email changes form.