Club Activities

Our club focuses on planning and managing Model T related events that provide our members opportunities to socialize and enjoy their Model T's. Our primary activities are arranging and conducting driving tours. All are family-oriented events. We usually hold 5 tours each year between May and October. Each Ontario Region tour is organized by volunteers within the club. The May is our CanAm tour and done jointly with the Casual T’s of Michigan. The clubs alternate hosting the tour. Tours typically run from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon. Some members camp during the tour and some stay in rented rooms, so tours are based near a campground and a hotel or motel. The essence of each tour is an opportunity to drive our cars, see some interesting sights, and socialize along the way. For obvious reasons our routes avoid busy roads and highways so we see lots of small towns and rural countryside. Apart from the planned stops there are lots of opportunities for those that like yard sales or interesting shops. A typical turnout for a tour is 20 to 35 cars. Participants are of all ages. The youth in the club often start driving Model T’s on tours in their teenage years.

We don't intentionally travel as a group on the roads but we're all going to the same places so you encounter other T's all day long during a tour. If you are new to Model T ownership this is a great opportunity to learn more about your car.

Apart from these Ontario Region weekend tours, the MTFCI holds a very popular week-long tour annually in July. In addition, there are numerous other tours and events organized by MTFCI chapters across North America and worldwide that are available to our members.

The club's Annual Meeting is held in April. See our Events page for details.