Save These 2020 Dates!

We have lots of news about this year's events. The AGM now has a date and a new location. It will be at the Barton Stone-Mount Hope United Church in Hamilton on April 18th. When the other details have been set a registration form will be circulated and further details posted here.

The June tour also has a date and a new location. We were in need of a June tour (see below) and HASC invited us to join their annual event in Fergus on June 12-14. Wade & Jill agreed to run the tour, possibly in conjunction with some HASC touring there as well. Yes, we were in Fergus last June but it is a great place to tour - with the flea market, affordable camping, nice area roads, plus a food tent on site. It works so well that many people have suggested we go here every June. Surely two years in a row won't be a problem. I'm up for it! The registration form will be circulated once it's all set.

We now have an August tour to report. Claytons' will be hosting in August rather than June. The dates are August 14-16. Exact location and other details will follow with the registration form. In the meantime, think Niagara Falls and you won't be far off. It's a lovely area and always lots of fun.

Mark your calendars! I hope to see you out at all these great opportunities.