July and August 2017 tour details

The registration information has now been posted on the July event page for download. The tour will be on July 14-16 hosted at the West Montrose campground by three families: Mortons are handling the Saturday tour, Gibsons are handling the Sunday tour, and Mottasheds are handling the camping arrangements, registrations, and food. The registration deadline is Tuesday, June 27th for both the tour and the campground.

The August tour in St. Thomas is being run jointly with HASC 35, HCCA, AACA, and A4C. To register or get more information please contact Jeff Campbell at 519-870-7564. Mark Schneider is co-ordinating our club’s participation. The registration deadline is Tuesday, August 1st.

Watch for details as the planning is underway for the September 15-17 tour in Parry Sound.