More 2014 tour dates announced

Our tour calendar has filled out of late with September and October tours being added. Bakers will be hosting a tour on Labour Day weekend in Western NY at thriving Albion, NY. Stapleys have announced a travelling tour for October 18-19, the weekend after Hershey, starting from Campbellford. Watch the website for more details as we get closer.

If you haven't already done so, get your registration in for the Prince Edward County tour hosted by the Potters. Space is limited and filling up.

The official campground for Boone in July may be full. If that's true and you want to attend but don't have a campsite, don't let that stop you. Contact the tour hosts directly for help as there are other campgrounds and maybe they'll help. Failing that, contact us by email and we'll try to put people together that have the same problem.

Fergus registration form should be posted here very soon.