Gravenhurst 2012 tour report

Our last tour of 2012 was held Sep. 21-23 in Muskoka hosted by the Rolls’ and the Wrightmans. It was well attended and we had a great time. At Friday evening’s get together, it was wonderful to see old friends and new faces around the campfire. Saturday morning, we started off by having a delicious pancake breakfast cooked by the hosts at Ron’s place of business which is where we were camped for the weekend. After we filled ourselves with this feast we were off to the Grace & Speed Museum as well as parking the cars at a car show. We learned all about antique boats from the area and then had lunch. In the afternoon we toured the sights and went to the Blue Ocean Lighthouse where each car was given a laser-cut plaque made by the owner as a memento of our Gravenhurst tour. There were all sorts of wooden articles made by the owner as well as realistic animals made of wood or resin and I know that several animals found new homes that day. We continued to tour to see the sights and fall colours and passed a general store that had been closed in the 40’s or 50’s with all the goods still in the store but the 93 year old owner was not there. It would have been fascinating to see inside. We ended up at a restaurant not far from where we were camped (and next to the motel) for supper. The food was excellent. Back at the camp ground in the evening we had a campfire but most stayed in the building as it was drizzling off and on.

Sunday was spent either on the RMS Segwun or at Bethune House. The tour on the Segwun was interesting and more local history was learned. We saw some beautiful very large homes around the lakes. The Segwun was a mail carrier and is still officially a floating post office. It was celebrating its 125th Anniversary this year. There was a traditional ice cream stop then back to Ron’s for a Farewell Pizza supper and the warm good-byes.

I believe all had an informative historical tour with lots of colourful scenery. Hope to see all during our next touring season in 2013.