2012 CanAm tour report from Minden, ON

This year’s CanAm was held in Minden hosted by the Muli family. It was well attended with 26 cars from Ontario Region and 6 cars from the Michigan/PA. It was great to see familiar faces and meet some new ones. Friday night, we got together at the Minden Fairgrounds where the campers were staying and had a wonderful evening catching up with old friends and meeting some new T'ers.

Saturday after our breakfast (there were healthy choices as well as donuts!), we went off into the beautiful countryside where not far from the camping some tourers spotted a moose standing in a marshy area not far off the road. We toured a facility called Heat Line which is producing waterline heating and geothermal heating/cooling units. It was all very interesting. The owner also had a Ford GT, Saleen Mustang as well as another classic Mustang at the facility. We then toured to the Haliburton Forest and Wolf Centre to view wolves. There were several different coloured wolves just outside the viewing room. Some picnicked at the Centre while others ate at restaurants along the way. Our next stop was Sir Sam’s Ski and Bike. They have a ski/bike lift that is really a moving sidewalk inside a clear dome that went up the hill. In summer, you can go up the hill and bike back down. Several tourers went up the hill but Charlie provided a shuttle service back to the parking lot. We then returned to the fairgrounds for a wonderful beef dinner. The weather was good and the scenic roads were wonderful. The evening was spent reminiscing around a bonfire.

Sunday brought more good touring weather, although a bit cooler and the occasional raindrop before we left. We started off with a short tour to the Wintergreen Maple Products facility where we had a great pancake/French toast breakfast then it was on the road again to the farm of Rhonda & John Francis where we saw the most fascinating miniature horses. (When they called the horse’s name, it came running just like a dog!) There were two newborns there and one had just been born at 1 am. Mom was not too keen to let baby near strangers. We then went to Furnace Falls and Heritage Park in Kinmount, and shopped at Lambs & Ivy Antiques both in the am and pm. Then it was back to the fairgrounds for our farewell meal with pulled pork or turkey on the menu.

It was noted that one person attended all 26 CanAms (Ken Gibson) and the Roblings have only missed 3. Steve Shotwell handed out lists with all the CanAm’s listed. It was great weather, wonderful friends and beautiful scenery. Thanks to the Muli’s for the wonderful tour and looking forward to next year in Michigan.