Fergus 2012 tour report

Our touring season continues with the June tour out of the Fergus area hosted by the Knowles family. Saturday’s tour took us to Alma and a tour of the Husky Farm Equipment facility. This company was started by Ray Grose who made a snowthrower for himself. A neighbour wanted to buy it and the business was born. They just celebrated 50 years in business. They also do laser cutting but the machine was just not co-operating for us to see it in action. We then went to Noonan’s Antiques and then on to Arthur for lunch. There was then a stop at the Demasus Emporium to browse the many buildings crammed with STUFF. We made our usual ice cream stop in Grand Valley and visited a Mercantile shop to look at knick-knacks, returning to the Sportsplex for a wonderful pot luck and to look at the items for sale at the car flea market that was happening at the same place.

Sunday took us to Baden to see a collection of lawn tractors and farm equipment. Along the way we encountered many cyclists on the Tour de Waterloo! We then ventured to Elora for more ice cream and watched the town crier. Some also went to see the Elora Gorge. Then it was back to the Sportsplex for a farewell meal. Thanks to the Knowles for a wonderful weekend. It was nice to see new faces as well as old friends.