Western NY 2012 tour report

August took us to New York to the Bakers’ homestead. Our first stop Saturday was a candy shop with a huge variety of candy. Some were even spotted having ice cream. We then toured along passing the infamous Attica Prison and on to the Hidden Valley Animal Adventure which was a 60 acre park with over 200 animals and 30 exotic species, all roaming about. We were taken on a one hour wagon ride through the park to see these many varieties of animals. Some even got mud splattered on them by the water buffalo who ventured out of their mud hole to beg for treats. After our animal adventure, we were off for some ice cream. We then visited the Lamb Dairy Farm to see cows on a carousel being milked. It was fascinating watching these cows get on the carousel and then back off at the end of their ride. We then headed back to Albion for a fabulous supper, campfire and chit chat.

On Sunday we headed out to see a restoration shop and Bed and Breakfast. The Century old house was wonderful to see with its antique furnishings and we got to see Lockwood’s Model A under restoration and almost complete. Our second stop was a collector of almost everything antique (small farm implements, small sleighs, cars and much much more). They had a large display room of Carnival glass as dishware and lamps, all colours and sizes. We then visited an antique market where the weather started to change to showers. It was off again for ice cream and the heavens opened up, the wind blew and there was thunder and lightning. Many found strange places to take cover, factory overhangs, car washes and the entrance to the Jehovah Witness Kingdom Hall. As the storm let up, it was a mad dash back to the Bakers’ for another great meal. Our campfire took place on the driveway that night.

For those who stayed until Monday, we had a short tour of Amish country going to Miller’s General Store and then Miller’s Bulk Food and bakery. Their donuts were to die for! We went through the only tunnel road under the Erie Canal built in 1823 and is recorded in the Ripley’s Believe or Not book. The entertainment at the tour was special with an evening with Elvis and a front-end loader skills competition. It was a wonderful weekend thanks to the Bakers’ (including Stephanie and Zak).