London 2011 tour report

Will it rain or won’t it rain?! That is always the question. Not that it ever seems to matter very much as we are always prepared for whatever may happen.

The June tour was held in London based out of Fanshawe Conservation Area on June 24-26, 2011 hosted by Doug and Johanne Lashbrook. While the weather seemed somewhat iffy, 24 cars (and their occupants) turned out to have a fun weekend of Model T’ing. The sites were cozy but that seems to make us just more chatty around the campfire.

Saturday started off with raindrops of varying sizes but off we ventured to our first stop after a delicious breakfast. We arrived at Delaware Speedway which is the oldest continuously operated short paved track in Canada, operating since 1952. We even got to “pretend” we were all speedsters. Then it was on to a roadside stop to enjoy a delicious running board lunch and the food was amazing and plentiful. However, because it turned it to be cold, some of us had to eat wearing gloves – in June yet! The ladies in particular forgot about the cold as it was on to the Tender Tootsies Outlet to enjoy shopping and lots of folks made purchases. On the way back in the afternoon we travelled through Wardsville which had a town wide yard sale. The Slee’s seemed to have bought a”tree” which filled their T. Turned out it was just pampas grass but it still filled their T. Along route we noted quilts on barns and buildings along the highway which tell a tale to honour the founder of their village, George Ward and his wife Margaret. We also crossed paths with a parade of combines – everyone was out having fun it seems. Our last stop of the day IN THE SUN finally was Old Autos. This is always a good treat to stop at and they were very generous providing everyone with a tour and a goodie bag complete with the latest edition of the magazine. I know of a few folks who plan to begin a new subscription! Then it was back to site for a fabulous pot-luck dinner and campfire.

Sunday dawned with sunshine. Yea! We travelled quiet roads to a stop at the Gay Lea Dairy Heritage Museum. This began as a private collection of one man and his wife. They had everything from milking machines, egg separators, skates, toys, milk bottles and cigar bands (who collects those?!) to Aylmer’s first water pipe made of wood. Very interesting. Then we travelled along the shore of Lake Erie and made our way to Port Stanley where we enjoyed lunch and a trip on the Port Stanley Railroad. Very relaxing. Then we zigzagged back to Doug & Johanne’s home for a bbq plus plus. We had a little more zigzagging due to closure of one of the roads due to St. Thomas’ air show but as I have noted before, we are a clever lot and found our way back. Mind you it was to back for food so need I say more. We then said our goodbyes and see you next time. (We hope you get your car i.e. gas tank etc. in terrific shape for next tour Len.)

Our thanks to Doug & Johanne for a fabulous tour of good roads, great sights to see and fabulous food!

It was great to see everyone and if you missed the tour, see you next time.

Yours in Model T’ing, Jo Eagles