2010 CanAm Tour Report from Guelph

The Ontario Chapter, with John & Linda Whiteside in charge, hosted this year's CanAm with the Casual T's in Guelph, Ontario on the glorious last weekend in May. The weather was most cooperative although there was more than one sunburn experienced. However, I did notice that there was a lot more sunscreen applied on Sunday! Lesson learned!! Naturally on Friday there was lots of fellowship around the campfire as everyone prepared for the first official tour of the season. Saturday's tour took us along to the Freelton Antique Market to browse around - not sure if there were any purchases but some nice stuff to look at. Ken did find an early coil box and some brass parts though. Then it was on to a heritage steam museum owned by Wayne Fisher for a tour and it was also a great picnic spot. After lunch it was off to Mike's Equipment. Mike Piotto and son Ken have quite a collection of old tractors and they were pleased to show them off. After dinner at the Town and Country Restaurant, everyone relaxed with another campfire.

Sunday's tour also set out with fabulous weather. After another feed of breakfast delights at the campsite, we were off to see the Oakesmuir Curly Horses. These unique and remarkable horses are perfectly adapted to more northern climates and prefer to stay outside rather than be enclosed in barns. They are even capable of giving birth in bitter cold temperatures without any assistance. The Oakesmuir farm is Canada's #1 Breeder of these hypo-allergenic horses. Most interesting. On route there was a delightful wee park/splash pad where the young kids were able to play and have their picnic lunch. Then it was on to the home of Ken & Phyllis Gibson for a stop to see his shop andlor have a pit stop/bring your own picnic lunch. This was a very relaxing day and we had the opportunity for ice cream or peanuts and even passed through the Kissing Bridge. (Hope everyone kissed the ones they were with.) The day was complete with a hamburg and hotdog barbecue with lots of treats to go along with it. More ice cream anyone!! The weekend was a wonderful tour and we thoroughly enjoyed the company of the Casual T's. We extend our heartfelt thanks to John and Linda for a job well done as well as to Ed Pringlemier who provided his extensive property for the home base for the tour. Ed has been ill and we wish him a speedy recovery as well. See you next time.