2010 Annual Meeting Report

Well folks here we go again. After a not too bad winter, we are again back in full swing again with our first tour already a wonderful memory. If you missed it, there is time to get your T in tip top shape for the coming tours of the year. It's still early in the season. Our Annual Meeting was held in Niagara Falls at the Sheraton hosted by the Carter family. The weather was superb for wandering the sights and it was great to see fellow members during the hospitality evening on Friday night following the long, dark winter. On Saturday morning, Carol Anne and Steve Stapley along with Ron Furlong provided a very insightful presentation along with a very informative narrative of the cross country trek last summer. It sure was tantalizing and made the rest of us wish we had been along for the ride. In the afternoon we had our general meeting and discussed all of the business at hand. One of the most exciting and new things that has been added to the Ontario Chapter is the clothing line (shirts and hats) with our very own Model T chapter logo on it. See Janet Furlong et al for your opportunity to be right in style. They look great!! Our tours are all lined up with a tour in Albion, New York hosted by the Bakers being the next one in June. Your tour info should be in your hands now and as well please remember the tour to Halifax, Nova Scotia hosted by Jimmy Snair in July. So much to do and only so much time! Your executive for the coming year is also firmly established and is as follows: President - Brian Clayton; Vice-President - Sara Slee; Secretary - Ron Furlong; Treasurer - Phyllis Gibson; Web Master - Fred Mottashed; Editor - Ken Gibson; Tour Report - Joanne Eagles; Sunshine Person Linda Belter-Whiteside; Promotions - Gord Morton; Fundraising - Janet Furlong and Kathryn Carter. Board members at large - John Eagles, Bill Jackson, Brad Glover, Jeff Carter, Jack Pearce, Scott Stapley, Carol Anne Stapley and Mark Schneider. If you read this in a hurry, you may have skipped over the part that we now have a web master. This is a brand new venture and we are happy that Fred has agreed to take on this project. Look for coming info and also if you have a current email address, please forward it on to Fred when we get this up and going. Those early 20'" century cars are moving into the 21st century with grace and style!!